My Peace of Mind Programme

Eight Session Programme

The​​ My Peace Of Mind programme is unique.

  • One to one tuition or group tution 
  • Eight session course to suit your diary and commitments
  • Course gently yet powerfully clears past issues and gives you the tools to understand how to navigate life successfully and calmly with Mindfulness techniques.
  • No need to talk about painful past or current issues, this is very different to psychotherapy or counselling
  • No group work.  Privacy is respected.
  • Sensitivity and confidentialiity is a priority
  • Beautiful clinic setting.
Why Is the Programme Unique?​
A standard mindfulness course is eight weeks long, usually in a group setting where mindfulness techniques are learned based on the MBSR and MBCT programmes.  ​​My Peace of Mind Programme includes extras not usually found within a standard mindfulness course as the original course was set up in the early 1970s and times are so very different from then, with the addition of technology, our understanding of our needs, our understanding of our mental and emotional health, our awareness of the environment, and not forgetting that our planet now houses over 7 billion people compared to just in 3.7 billion in 1970!  These all impact on how we feel about ourselves and we need to learn how to navigate through our life with techniques to help us to stop feeling overwhelmed, hopeless or stressed.  
Course Dates

Mondays starting 13th May 2019.  7.30pm - 9.00pm for eight sessions (no session on 27th May).  Last session on 8th July.
Fridays starting 17th May 2019.  10.30am - 12.00pm for eight sessions (no session on 31st May).  Last session on 12th July.

The course consists of eight sessions lasting one and a half hours each (final session is one hour in length)..

  • Course total cost is just £85.  This is extremely competitive.

  • Payment must be made in full before starting the course.  Bank transfer, cheque or cash payment accepted,

  • Call or email Helena for more details and to book a place.  The course fills quickly as there is a maximum number of only seven places available.  Please don't delay.

One to One Tuition

There is the option for one to one sessions.  The advantage is that course dates can be arranged to suit your diary and commitments.  The course can be tailored to your exact needs.  The total cost is £575.  There is 10% discount for daytime sessions £520 (starting no later than 2.30pm).  Please call or email Helena for further details.