Welcome to My Peace of Mind

My name is Helena Hitchin BSc (Hons)

I specialise in mental and emotional health conditions. I work with clients delivering a ​unique course called the
My Peace of Mind programme based on Mindfulness to boost mood and self esteem, whilst helping clients build a solid foundation for future happiness and wellbeing.

What is the My Peace of Mind Programme?

It is a course designed for anyone who wishes to learn how to find lasting peace and harmony, using a combination of techniques from:

  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Sress Reduction) 
  • MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy).

Both MBSR and MBCT are proven to significantly improve mental heath and wellbeing, significantly improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, low mood, low self esteem, and many other issues listed below.  

Each session within the eight week course is one and a half hours in length.  The course is based in Hilton, Derbyshire and all courses are small groups.  

Who Is It Suitable For?

It is suitable for anyone ready to make positive change, reduce fear, stress, negative thinking patterns, or have symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • depressive symptoms
  • post natal depression (PND)
  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • symptoms of stress
  • unresolved grief
  • feeling hopeless
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling life is passing you by
  • relationship difficulties
  • low self esteem
  • low self confidence
  • OCD
  • knowing there is more to life but not knowing how to make changes
  • symptoms related to emotional problems such as over eating,  eating disorders, self harm, addiction, agoraphobia, digestive disorders, pain, fatigue, 
The list is not exhaustive as there are so many negative feelings that can start to erode life's natural flow and harmony.  Sometimes it is hard to really understand ​​​why we are not happy, there doesn't seem to be a particular reason and we feel we should be happy but we can't seem to hold onto positive feelings of wellbeing.

What Do People Think About the Course?

​"Helena has given me the tools and techniques to overcome my anxety and panic attacks.  Now I have a much more positive view to life.  I had tried CBT and counselling and this is the only thing that worked without any need for medication.  Apart from being a great teacher, she is also a super nice person! Thank you."

Helena made me feel at ease all the way through the course and gave me time to listen and guide.  I would recommend this course to anyone who may just want to step back and take time to feel who they really are and connect to their inner self."

Thank you Helena!  You have been an inspirational teacher and a very kind and generous person."

"I feel equipped with all the tools to live a more peaceful and happy life."

"Helped me slow my thoughts down, to not worry too much and to be kind to myself.  Helped my confidence too."

"I just wanted to say thank you.  It's not been easy but you have given me the tools to manage anxieties and move forward.  I know when I am slipping up so I am able to bring it back with the meditations and notes from class.  So in your words, All Is Well."