Spectrum Healing

Helena is a fully qualified and practising Spectrum Healing therapist.  Spectrum Healing is a traditional healing method whereby mental, emotional and physical issues are cleared from the mind and body, leading to feelings of wellbeing.  Read on for detailed information.

What Is Spectrum Healing?

When we feel unwell, either with a physical problem such as pain or fatigue, or an emotional issue, then our​​​​​​​​​​​​​ subconscious mind and our body holds the key as to the root cause.  Kinesiology (muscle testing) helps to uncover the root cause and then Spectrum Healing can gently but powerfully lift away anything getting in the way of a healthy body and mind.  Within a session there is no need to undress at all, the session can be seated but usually clients prefer to lie down and enjoy the peaceful environment.  During the session Helena will place her hands above the body, never onto the body.  Sensitivity and confidentiality is always a priority.  Privacy is also protected as Spectrum Healing can gain access to the root cause without the client having to divulge any difficult or upsetting information - many of our past experiences are locked away where we cannot easily recall them so we don't need to try to search for answers with Spectum Healing as Helena can pinpoint difficulties and clear them from the subconscious quickly and easily.

How It Helps

Our subconscious mind is like a computer hard drive, it stores all of our life experiences and feelings.  It then uses these past experiences to guide us and to keep us from harm.  This is essential to keep us safe, for example, when we were young we may have discovered that boiling water will scald the skin or that sand from the beach doesn't taste very pleasant so we remember this and avoid repeating these types of experiences.  However, the subconscious mind does not automatically update during our life and so the subconscious may store an experience of a bullying teacher, and it then keeps us fearful of all teachers, or if we have a relationship that caused us much emotional pain, then we will be fearful of all future relationships.  It can take a lot of time and patience to reprogramme our subconscious mind before we can feel confident and start to trust again.   One way to reprogramme the mind is to say Affirmations.  These are positive statements that we say to ourselves on a daily basis, sometimes many times a day for many weeks such as "I feel energised every morning and I know that my work is fulfilling".  After a long period of time, the subconscious will finally take on the new way of thinking and feeling.  ​​​​​​​​​​​Spectrum Healing can effortlessly make positive, permanent changes to the subconscious mind.  Helena will find the appropriate wording for an Affirmation and allow the subconscious mind to take it on within minutes or a few days at most.  

As well as storing memories in the mind, we also store difficult, painful feelings and memories within the body tissues.  This can manifest many years later as pain or a physical health condition.   Spectrum Healing can release old memories and painful, deep feelings and then the body can begin to work in a healthy way again.

Cells in our body use light to activate chemical reactions and to energise the body.  We can start to diminish this light entering our cells by feeling negative, suffering trauma, instinctively protecting ourselves from harm (from memories of trauma, hurtful words etc) or suffering grief or shock.  This lack of light has many effects on the body, both emotional and physical such as fatigue, low self esteem, feeling listless, difficulty absorbing nutrients into the body, difficulty with the immune system etc.  Spectrum Healing can address the root cause of cellular ill-health to enable the cells to function effectively again.

As well as releasing fears, old painful memories, trauma etc,  Spectrum Healing can help the mind and body to access the positive aspects of life that we sometimes feel we cannot hold onto such as joy, peace, trust, faith, excitement, love including self-love.  We can once again feel that life is good and that our perspective can change from fearful to open and happy again.  We can feel that life is full of hope, and challenges can be faced with excitement rather than trepidation.  

How is Spectrum Healing Different?

The early years of life are full of new experiences, we learn so much from the age of 0 - 7 years in particular.  We cannot remember most of the early years, but our subconscious mind and body do!   The early years help to form our personality, ideas and values.  If we did not learn to value ourselves and love ourselves fully, then this needs addressing.  ​​​​​How can we heal ourselves from events that we can't remember?

In addtion, if we suffer emotionally from a particularly painful event or series of events, then to conserve our energy we store these painful events away so we can function.  This is a short term solution but usually we never get around to healing ourselves so life starts to feel heavy and difficult.   We think we "got over" the event but in reality we have pushed it away and stored it within ourselves.

Spectrum Healing addresses all of these issues so that we can finally be free of the pain of the past.   

Spectrum Healing is a gentle yet powerful therapy and it does not require weekly sessions as changes are made within the session and the work continues for many weeks afterwards.  An occasional "top up" is very useful to continue inputting more positive aspects.  The work is non intrusive, painful events do not need discussing at all, privacy is maintained thoughout.    On many occasions if a client enters the therapy room feeling nervous or upset, then by the end of the hour the feelings have ebbed away. Usually a client will leave a Spectrum Healing session feeling relaxed, uplifted and perhaps a little sleepy!

Cost: One hour session is £45.  There is never any need for weekly sessions as so much can be achieved in one hour.  The body needs time to adjust ready for further sessions (if necessary).  On average, the second session may be approximately 6 weeks later. 

For more information or to book a Spectrum Healing session, please visit the Contacts page..  Alternatively call 07555 087901.